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“Carey helped me discover things in my life that I was having a hard time seeing, or didn’t want to see, on my own.  She asked the hard questions when they needed to be asked and supported me as I worked through the answers.  Thanks to her, when I am feeling stressed out and stuck, I can now see it and have the tools to break out of it.”

Brad, Person Looking For More Out of Life, 38

“Carey’s passion for transformaiton and authenticity is completley palpable and infectious.  Her coaching style allows you to dig deep in search of calling up your true and highest self.  You’re aware and comforted by the fact that she is right there with you, through all the areas you love and loathe, to embrace and empower who you want to be.  Working with Carey has helped me open up in areas of my life that I have been resisting for years.  Each session with her peels back layers of limitations and sheds new light, unveiling the aspects of myself that I have wanted to bring forth all along.”

Allison Hodge, Founder of Allison Hodge Yoga and MindfulBites

“What Carey is doing with the Aliveness Project is beautiful and extraordinary.  When you meet her I am sure you will notice immediately that her heart is filled with gratitude for everything around her and it shows in her coaching.  As a business partner on an Aliveness Project workshop, she was creative, open to feedback, flexible and had amazing follow through with her vision.  I can not recommend her enough.”

Melissa Charlton, Key Leader lululemon, University Villiage (10511)

“Carey Baker is by far the most important person I have ever met and will likely ever know.  I have never felt such a strong connection to a person in this world and I am so blessed to know her.  Each and every time I meet with Carey, she holds me and all that gets in my way, with a sense of compassion and warmth.  There is no room for judgement, just love always.  From this space, I am able to lay my heart on the line and dig up the perspectives that rob me form truly living my life to its full potential.  I always feel the support of Carey when I identify these perspectives that no longer serve me.  Our coaching sessions always take new shape and serve what is present at that very moment.  She is creative in igniting the real truth from your heart and soul, not the story you tell yourself.  Anyone that works with Care is lucky to be in the presense of such a beautiful, talented and spirited person.”

Marissa, A Love and Seeker of Personal Awareness

“Working with Carey has set me on a path to leadership with my clients and withing my company.  Carey’s approach is at once supportive and challenging.  She listens not only to the words coming out of my mouth, but also with who I am being when I am speaking them.  Carey always holds me accountable to my biggest self.  Through focusing on specific goals, putting daily practices in place to continue our work together in the real world, setting up a supportive container for myself at work, and continuing uncovering habits, patterns and ways of being that don’t serve me, I’ve been owning that bigger self--particularly in my professional life.  As a result I have felt empowered to take more risks, set loftier professional goals, dream bigger than I previously dared, become a trusted voice within my organization, and for the first tim find personal purpose, meaning, and satisfaction in my career.

Lindsey Carter, Senior Project Manager, Digital Design and Development